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Behind the Music

diana starshine is an experimental pop star of both magical and material realms. Diana conjures a glittering slush of sonic and visual components, crossing between the worlds of dance pop and lush sound design. Her debut album 'fairy pop' will be released on Orange Milk Records.
diana has performed alongside Lizzo, Iglooghost, Xiu Xiu, Alice Longyu Gao, Varg²™, Fraxiom, Gupi, Nosgov, Sophiaaaahjkl;8901, Jedwill, Aaron Dilloway, and others. She has collaborated with artists such as Giant Claw, BABYNYMPH, PUTOCHINOMARICÓN, New Sylveon, and Galen Tipton, and is a veteran of Spotify's Hyperpop playlist and Apple's Glitch playlist.


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diana starshine

fairy pop genre creator / producer

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